Bomboniere for your Melbourne wedding

Oct 8, 2013

Bomboniere for your Melbourne wedding

Bomboniere is Italian for ‘favour’ and is a small gift given to the guests after the conclusion of special occasions such as weddings. The bomboniere is traditionally made from sugared almonds depending on the occasion.

Customarily for weddings, the Bomboniere normally consists of five white sugared almonds to symbolize wealth, happiness, health, fertility and long life.

For other occasions, other colours are generally used.

The sugared almonds are put into an organza bag for example an tied with coloured ribbon to match the wedding theme. Other containers or glass jars can be used also.

You are only limited by your own imagination when making your own wedding Bomboniere. Other sweet treats can be used to suit your own style and either way, it is generally a lovely thank you gesture.

You can get your Bomboniere pre made by a supplier or alternatively, you can have a fun time making your own and adding personal touches.

Bomboniere Melbourne

chocolate bar bomboniere

Other edible goodies such as chocolates or lollies are good ideas as these food items will hold their shape for a long time. Many suppliers now sell direct to the public in bulk bags and there is plenty of variety out there.

Other Bomboniere ideas can include candles, photo frames and even stubby holders. There are plenty of ideas out there which are also quite affordable yet still lovely. For some ideas, have a look here! Wedding Glasses & Gifts by Groovy Glass

Don’t forget to order at least a couple for yourself. You also want to enjoy your Bomboniere during your honeymoon!

The Italians have their hearts in the right places. These Bomboniere ideas will make your guests remember your wedding in the most positive light possible.

Karine Hart | Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

The Point Albert Park

Oct 8, 2013

Surprise Wedding Ceremony at The Point in Albert Park

A surprise wedding at a 50th birthday party!

Renowned horse trainer Greg Eurell and his fiancé Danielle approached me just in time to get their surprise wedding ceremony under way.

With just a month and two days before they would surprise their guests, I had to work out a line of attack so no one would suspect they were in fact there for a wedding as well as Greg’s 50th birthday!

The celebration was held at The Point in Albert Park, and after discussion with Greg and Danielle,  Jason and I purposefully arrived half an hour after the function had started.

We decided to pretend we were a duo hired as entertainment for the party. How did we convince everyone?….. Well, I strategically placed the marriage certificates in Jason’s empty guitar case and we were able to bring in my PA without any suspicion. I was a ‘singer’ and Jason was the ‘guitarist’.

During the entree, our table were asking what songs we would play and if they could request Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel! I must admit, it was quite hard pretending to act like a musician, but as Jason is in the industry, he convinced everyone quite easily!

The time had come after entree to announce the exciting news! Greg’s best friend John had the privilege of asking everyone to gather around the dance floor, whilst I put on my wireless headset and organise my PA sound! As soon as John announced why in fact everyone was there, there were screams of excitement and tears of joy by everyone! It was truly such an awesome thing to see as everybody was more than happy to hear this news. After 13 years of being together, there were a few “about time” comments also!

The Point Albert Park

Greg and Danielle Eurell just after their surprise wedding!

The ceremony started a while after the congratulations were given and all went very well.

The funniest thing? Danielle’s mother somehow had the vibe that they would be married that night and in fact got them a wedding card-I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Since their wedding, I’ve had the opportunity of being Greg’s son’s celebrant also.

The Point Albert Park

Greg Eurell with his son Nick

Karine Hart | Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

Symbolic Ritual Sand Ceremony

Oct 8, 2013

Symbolic Ritual Sand Ceremony

We all understand the significance of wedding ceremonies, but did you know, you can add a point of difference by having symbolic ritual such as the sand ceremony?

As a celebrant, I love giving couples the opportunity to decide if an extra symbolic ceremony will suit their style.

Symbolic ceremonies are generally done after the exchange of rings and the beauty is, that anything goes if you’re having a celebrant to officiate your marriage.

Sand ceremonies are very popular. They don’t just have to be for beach weddings either. The symbolic nature interests guests during the ceremony and you will get positive comments about having that extra something.

Basically, on our first or second meeting you each choose a coloured sand (I have an abundance of colours available which I bring out to show you!). During the ceremony, I invite you to perform the unity sand ceremony and as I say a few words to explain the meaning, you pour your sand together into the one heart shaped jar. It represents the blending of your lives into one as a married couple. Watch my compilation here.

Each coloured sand is beautifully presented in heart shaped vases and the great thing is, you get to keep your heart filled jar as a keepsake!

Symbolic Ritual Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Karine Hart | Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

All Smiles Warranwood

Oct 14, 2013

All Smiles at our 10 year wedding anniversary celebration!

Jason and I got married back on 30th August 2003. We couldn’t believe how quick our anniversaries would come around each year and on we always discussed having a celebration on our ten year anniversary so we could renew our vows.

wedding day

Jason and Karine 30th August 2003

In 2011, I officiated at a wedding at All Smiles of the Yarra Valley in Warranwood and we were invited to stay for the reception. Both of us were simply amazed by the hospitality, continual food service and funky vibe the place had to offer. We both agreed that we would have our celebration here and locked it in back in January 2012.

It didn’t take long for us to organise everything. I guess as a celebrant, I see lots of different colour themes and choices so it was a lot of fun choosing something totally different to our wedding day. For something a bit quirky, I chose to buy a button bouquet from Nic’s Button Buds as I just love her creations!

all smiles warranwood

Button bouquet

Most importantly, I took a bit of time putting together our ceremony so it reflected our relationship and our personalities.

With the winter sun shining, Saturday 31st August 2013 finally came and we both woke up just as excited as what we did ten years ago. Tania de Ross from De Ross Artistry came nice and early to do my make-up and I was so happy with the natural look she gave me to suit our theme for our lunch time cocktail function.

We decided to have transport for the day for just the two of us and were lucky enough to have Vince from LR Limousines pick us up in the stylish Chrysler Sedan. On the way, we enjoyed chatting whilst sipping on champagne.

all smiles warranwood

LR Limousine Chrysler Sedan

I must admit, my emotions started during the trip and it did feel like our wedding day all over again- except that we had the comfort of each other during the preparation and travel there which was wonderful.

We arrived and were greeted by the super smiley Tim from C2 Video and guests started arriving not long after. Our amazing photos were captured by the ever so friendly Andrew from Passion8 Photography who I have had the pleasure of working with at previous bayside weddings.

Our ceremony was performed by Robyn Meikle who is not only a celebrant but also a friend of ours. It was great having her there for such a significant role.

all smiles warranwood

all smiles warranwood

Throughout the ceremony, I could feel myself tearing up and as my sister in law Colleen read out one of my favourite poems by Regina Hill, she too was getting emotional!

As well as tears of emotion, we shared plenty of laughs throughout- especially whilst our bit of history was read out. Everyone has a story to tell and generally, it does come with some humour!

all smiles warranwood

sharing a laugh

The time came for our vows to be read out and ordinarily, I tend to let the groom go first but in this instance, Robyn suggested I go first… so I did…. and there were tears!!! I The emotion I felt during this time was just like our wedding day and I loved it! Some of our guests were quite teary also which was actually really nice to see.

all smiles warranwood


Jason then read his vows out which he too had written himself and I was in hysterics (as well as teary still!). Much to my surprise, Jason wrote a limerick about us and I was just blown away by how thoughtful and wonderful his words were.

all smiles warranwood


Not long after, the ceremony ended on a high and we all went inside to enjoy Andrew Grant and Rich sing and play the song I walked down the aisle to – Goodnight Girl.  They specifically learnt this song for me and I was so happy sitting and listening to them with my husband by my side. I reminisced about how I felt ten years ago whilst this song was playing. I specifically chose this song because of the lyrics “… take your love and promises and make them last…”

We had some photos and footage taken on the premises and had so many laughs together with Tim and Andrew. (Hiring suppliers you get along with, really helps make a special occasion so much fun and enjoyable!)

During this time, our guests enjoyed looking through a memory album I put together which included photos of Jason and I from when we were young, right up to our wedding day and our years together.

all smiles warranwood

all smiles warranwood

After our photo and videography shoot, we had a bit more time to chat to our guests and enjoy some of the food and drinks on offer.

We then cut our choc mud cake which was made by the girls at Fantasy Cakes and this was then given out to everyone or they could take some home. It was so delicious that we encouraged everyone to take more than one slice!

all smiles warranwood

funky cake

The time soon came for the end of the function and each person was given a bomboniere to take home. I had lots of fun putting them together. We bought some small heart shaped glass jars and filled them with mini m&ms. The bon tags (as well as our invitations) were made by Sally from Notefully and I tied them on with bright orange ribbon.

Our guests all commented on what a wonderful day it was and how special it was for them to be a part of a great occasion.

all smiles warranwood

bomboniere & bouquet

When we arrived home, both of us were so happy and felt it was a great day.

That night, I couldn’t sleep as I was still beaming with excitement that not only had we reached such a great milestone in our life together, but we are also just as happy from when we met in 2002.

As a marriage celebrant, the request for renewal of vows is not all that common, but I guarantee that if you take some time to have a celebration with close family and friends and show your recommitment to one another, you will have a wonderful time just like on your wedding day.

all smiles warranwood

all smiles warranwood

To view a snippet of our day, please click here.

Circa St Kilda Wedding

Oct 21, 2013

Circa St Kilda Wedding of Sam & Karina

Sam and Karina were an absolute pleasure getting to know. When I met them back in January, there was a clear connection between them and we seemed to get along so well, it didn’t feel like a first meeting. Straight away, I knew that their St Kilda wedding day would be something special.

They chose to have a relaxed evening ceremony  at the funky The Deck at The Prince in St Kilda. The sun was shining and absolutely perfect for a roof top ceremony at this time of day. When I arrived I was greeted with a friendly welcome by their parents, family members and friends.

Circa St Kilda Wedding

The Deck at The Prince, St Kilda

Prior to their ceremony, Sam and Karina spent the day together. They had photos taken around St Kilda and when it was time to start the ceremony, they walked down the aisle as a ‘ready to get married’ couple!

When we discussed what to include in the ceremony, both Sam and Karina were keen to share their story, which goes a little something like this. This is a snippet from their ceremony I read out:-

Sam designed a special engagement ring for Karina whilst sneakily getting hints of what she might like. Karina did talk about marriage also so they were on the same wavelength.

As they have the same silly humour and think alike, they quite often will finish each other’s sentences. Both feel that they are like a package deal and are quickly morphing into one!

They look forward to living together as a married couple and eventually seeing the world. They envisage their married life will be like that of their families- long and loving.

Circa St Kilda Wedding

Sam & Karina’s ceremony

Their ceremony also included a parental blessing and the reading On Your wedding Day. Both read their vows to each other and it was clear that their family and friends truly felt happy being there to celebrate such a momentous occasion in their life. Sam’s sister Rachel and Karina’s sister Carley were chosen as the witnesses to sign the register and certificates.

Circa St Kilda Wedding

Sam reading vows

When the ceremony concluded, the guests enjoyed a glass of bubbly and a cocktail reception with the newlyweds.

Photography was by the lovely Carly Ravenhall who was just wonderful to work with and DJ Tim from Algo Rhythm played his tunes with a smile on his face!

I look forward to keeping in touch with both Sam and Karina and also wish them all the best for their future together!

Circa St Kilda Wedding

newlyweds at their St Kilda Wedding

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Zonzo Wedding

Oct 24, 2013

The Zonzo wedding of Jacinta & Corey

30th March 2013

I first met Jacinta and Corey in July 2012 and was so happy to meet a couple like them. We got along so easily and I knew that their wedding day would include a variety of emotions.

Although these guys are total opposites, I could see immediately that they were also like two peas in a pod who knew how to enjoy life together and share some laughs. They chose to celebrate in colourful style at Zonzo.

Zonzo Wedding

On the day of their zonzo wedding, I was greeted by their friends and family as well as Joel and Chloe from White Rabbit Productions.

Jacinta and Corey chose to have a fun bright theme and the pops of colour looked fantastic against the natural backdrop of the winery.

Jacinta had organised their friend Charles to sing and play guitar Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan for the processional  and wanted both sets of parents to give them away so we decided to do a parental blessing.

Zonzo Wedding

Kieran and Stef enlightened us with the personalised story, which was really nice to witness. Jacinta’s brother Damien and Corey’s sister Haylie each did a reading. Haylie got very creative and put something together about opposites attracting and had everyone giggling as they could relate the similarities to Jacinta and Corey’s relationship.

Zonzo Wedding

Jacinta and Corey chose to write their own vows. It was discussed that Jacinta would have quirky vows and perhaps Corey would write more serious vows! Both were beautifully written and Jacinta couldn’t wait to read her vows out. There was lots of excitement in the air and like myself, guests enjoyed witnessing such an uplifting and touching part of the ceremony.

Zonzo WeddingZonzo Wedding

Here is a line from Corey’s vows:-

You are my best friend, my greatest supporter, my most-valued critic.

Zonzo Wedding

Here is a line from Jacinta’s vows:-

We make it work, as our differences bring us laughter, happiness and make our love unconditional.

Their wedding day as a whole included lots of smiles and enjoyment, sentiment and fun.

Zonzo Wedding

I wish Jacinta and Corey all the best for their future together and thank them for letting me be a part of such a memorable occasion.

Zonzo Wedding

My belief is as your wedding day will be one of the most special events in your life, it should reflect who you are as a couple. Wedding ceremonies can be serious, traditional or humorous and it is okay to share tears as well as laughter with your loved ones to bring out your personality on the day!

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Photos thanks to Joel and Chloe from White Rabbit Productions

Tatra Wedding

Oct 29, 2013

And the bride was wed in red at her Tatra Wedding!

Laura and Hayden chose to get married in March at the beautiful chapel at Tatra Receptions in Mount Dandenong.

Laura was walked down the aisle by her proud father Glen and as they entered the chapel, there were gasps as Laura looked breath taking in her ruby red dress. This was kept a secret to everyone- including myself, so even I looked at Hayden and said “WOW-She looks beautiful in red!”.

tatra wedding

Bride in ruby red at Tatra Receptions

At their Tatra Wedding, Laura chose to walk down the aisle to Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap. Hayden could not stop smiling and was simply overwhelmed by her beauty. Glen made the giving of the bride a fun one by saying a few cheeky words. We all enjoyed it!

To tie in their request of having a relaxed and fun ceremony and allowing their guest to share a laugh, I wrote a bit about their story and how they met, the proposal and what they admire in each other. They wrote their own vows which were truly great to witness and the theme of Laura’s love of animals was evident throughout. Along with emotional tears, there was also a bit of laughter…

Here is a snippet of Hayden’s vows:-

From the first time we met I knew you were someone special. Over the years we have grown together and learned a lot about each other.

I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Your love of revenge movies and obsession with animals makes you my perfect match.

tatra wedding

ring ceremony

Here is a snippet of Laura’s vows:-

Hayden, you are the one for me. Nothing and no one compares to you – my real life Rambo – I fell in love with your unique spirit and outlook on life.

Throughout our life, I will work hard to remember where I have put your things after a cleaning frenzy; however, I can’t guarantee that I won’t ask for more animals.

tatra wedding

sharing a smile!

Photos were taken by Andrea from White Canvas Photography and make-up was by Tania from De Ross Artistry.

I wish Laura and Hayden all the very best in their future together and thank them for choosing me as their Marriage Celebrant Melbourne.

tatra wedding

Bridal party at Tatra Receptions

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne


Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Nov 13, 2013

Karine Hart Marriage Celebrant

As a younger marriage celebrant, I generally get asked by a lot of people  “what made you become a marriage celebrant”. The answer is pretty simple;  here’s the story in a nutshell.

When Jason and I were married in 2003, we had a wonderful day but it wasn’t without unavoidable hiccups. The one thing that stood out as being the best part of the whole day was in fact the marriage ceremony.

Marriage Ceremony Melbourne

I’ve always had a fond interest in the wedding industry and I was keen to be involved in the happiness of weddings. I thought about what I could do in the industry that would be rewarding and special and after reflecting on our own wedding day, I chose to commence my studies to become a marriage celebrant.

It was hard work. I was working full time at that stage and would complete my modules late into the nights. I LOVED every moment of it though as I knew that soon enough, with my determination, I would be able to share in the joy of so many wedding celebrations!

I became registered in October 2008 and then chose to complete further studies. I have a motto that I came up with “the heart of the wedding day is the marriage ceremony”. The whole wedding day is not complete without the marriage ceremony which makes it all legal. In my opinion, it is one of the most important elements of the wedding day. As a marriage celebrant, I take great pleasure in standing up there with couples and witnessing such a wonderful occasion in their lives.

Marriage Ceremony MelbourneMarriage Ceremony Melbourne

I’ve had the opportunity to share in many tears and laughter at numerous marriage ceremonies and I love that the couples that choose me as their Marriage Celebrant have such a fun perspective on their wedding as a whole. There is generally no stress as I like to make everyone feel at ease in the lead up to and on their wedding day. It should be a cheerful day with lovely memories and celebration.

Marriage Ceremony Melbourne

So, it started back at our own wedding day with the realisation that the marriage ceremony was definitely the most momentous part of our wedding. There is so much emotion that happens during this time that you will never forget. Along with the nerves, there are moving tears and laughter and of course, lots of love and happiness! This is why I am a marriage celebrant.

marriage celebrant melbourne

“The heart of the wedding day is the marriage ceremony

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne



Jon & Ainslie’s Wedding day at Encore St Kilda

Jan 7, 2014

The heat was on at the ceremony for Ainslie & Jon! Encore St Kilda

25th February 2012

Ainslie and Jon were an absolute pleasure to get to know and discuss their ideas for their ceremony. I always find the second meeting a lot of fun as this is where I generally will find out the story of how they met and the proposal to then start a draft. Ainslie and Jon’s story was definitely a enjoyable one….

On the day, Ainslie and her bridesmaids carried beautiful bright bouquets of various flowers.  The girls wore pretty navy blue dresses with stripey shoes! Meanwhile, although the boys wanted to wear their jackets for the ceremony, I did insist they have them off whilst we were waiting…. did not want to have anyone fainting!

encore st kilda

You can see the excitement in their eyes throughout the video and photos; and although it was a steaming 40 degrees that day on the rooftop of Encore St Kilda Beach, we still had a lot of laughs from the guests who enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

encore st kilda

The fact that Ainslie did not stop smiling and acknowledging her family and friends with a beaming grin and laughter made it all the more wonderful for us all.

encore st kilda

encore st kilda

To view the video snippet please click here

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Celebration at Avalon Castle | Commitment Ceremony

Feb 11, 2014

Kristy & Mandi’s Commitment Ceremony

Kristy and Mandi first met with me in 2012 to discuss their upcoming commitment ceremony. I could see straight away that these girls were going to have a magnificent celebration and I enjoyed meeting with them to discuss their ceremony preferences.

It turned out to be 40 degrees on the day but everyone was very excited to be a witness in the beautiful grounds of Avalon Castle in Cockatoo. With 8 bridesmaids and 3 pageboys to support them both, it was going to be an emotional day for everyone.

The girls chose an instrumental rendition of A Thousand Years to walk down the aisle to. Kristy wanted to walk down first with her father Craig so she could then take it all in and watch Mandi arrive.

When the time came for Mandi to arrive, she got a glimpse of Kristy and she too was overwhelmed. With her father James by her side, she said to Kristy “you look beautiful” and the ceremony then commenced.

Commitment Ceremony Melbourne

I shared their story to the guests which included some laughter, before they recited their heartfelt vows to each other and exchanged rings.

Their service also included a rose ceremony. Their mothers, Cheryl and Robyn presented them each with a rose, which has the symbolic meaning of “I love you”.

Rose Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

The time soon came for the end of the ceremony. We signed a keepsake certificate and the celebration continued with photos and a cocktail reception.

Avalon Castle group photo

It was a pleasure working with Stu from Stu Art Video Productions and being a part of such a special and touching ceremony.

Thank you to Aaron from Avalon Castle for his hospitality.

Commitment Ceremony

I wish both Kristy and Mandi all the very best!




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