Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony Melbourne

For those wanting to declare their love, a commitment ceremony can be a lovely option. There are no legal requirements but it can be structured similar to a wedding ceremony with some exceptions. What a great way to publicly declare your union and enjoy a fun filled celebration with family and friends!

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Like any celebration and ceremony, the options are vast and a tailored service can be produced to illustrate your relationship. You might like to include a special reading by a family member or friend, or perhaps include a ritual of your choice. Ideas can be discussed during our meeting.

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Sadly, the future of marriage equality in Victoria is still pending at this time. If you are a same sex couple wanting to celebrate your union, this type of ceremony can be an option. A keepsake certificate is also presented to you both.
With the recent YES vote in Victoria, I am truly hoping that same sex marriages will be celebrated in the very near future. #loveislove

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If you would like to chat further about what I can offer as a commitment ceremony celebrant, please don’t hesitate to contact me.